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Based out of Portland and Chicago, we’re just two ad kids trying to have some fun. This blog will be a mishmosh of all sorts’a good stuff, so stay tuned!


Instagram’s co-founder Mike Krieger lifted the curtain on three of their backend (and UI) tricks that give the Instagram user a feeling of responsiveness, even when someone’s phone is trapped on a lousy connection. The ideas aren’t just clever; they’re so logical that you don’t need to be a coder to appreciate them. Read on->

I knew I loved IG for a reason…

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Vintage National Park Posters

These remind me of the posters made by the WPA in WWII. Maybe they are.

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Ambition. Aspiration. It’s well worn territory, but there’s something cool about the story telling here. From Droga5 for Hennessey.

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Escher style impossible typeface. Very clever indeed.


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In the fight to ensure fewer Kiwi males suffer from wine.

Where’s the writer for this campaign? Can I shake your hand? Sounds like something K would write.


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Just perfect!

Now here’s how you use typography.


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Enbric, Columbia College’s Marketing group, is holding an event tonight at Bull & Bear! If you say “Enbric” at the door and give ‘em 10 bucks, you get all you can drink from 9-10 and then a dollar of drinks past ten. All procedes go to Enbric, and we’d love the support! COME DRINK!!!

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Oreo turns 100 years young.

DraftFCB did seriously amazing work on this.

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